Two Playstation 2 controllers

You already fixed your retro device and you want to show it so everyone can learn.
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Two Playstation 2 controllers

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I recently bought two PS2 controllers for 10eur (~11USD). One of them was sold as not working at all while the other only had a couple of defective buttons. This problem is common with this PS2 controller model: SCPH-10010
Basically, the carbon pads in the flex board that makes contact with the buttons increases its resistance with time and makes the button not work properly.

I was able to successfully repair both of them, even though I had some issues with the second one 😅

In this video you can see the process I went through:

This is the link to Aliexpress where I bought the replacement flex boards.

Also, this video was of great help on understanding the issue with this controller's model.
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